Reduce Pipework Installation Costs-Use PressFit

The Geberit MapressPressfit system has been 40 years in development and has now secured its place as a main contender when pipeline installations are being designed.

Used for conveying a multitude of liquids and gaseous substances including process water, drinking water and oil based products Pressfit pipeline systems are now embedded in the UK industrial environment. Available in stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and CuNiFe Mapress Pressfit products are easily sourced and their reputation for ease and speed of installation has seen their use spiral in recent years. It was originally developed for commercial use but is increasingly being used domestically.

Why Use Mapress Pressfit?

  • Superfast Jointing Method
  • No Hot Work = No Fire Issues
  • Full Strength Joints Achieved Immediately
  • Flexible and Versatile – Multi Application.

Pressfit can be defined as the method used to join pipes or tubes using fittings that are mechanical pressed with a specific tool. Hydraulic integrity is maintained using an ‘o’ ring suited to the application. Jointing is a simple process – cut the pipe to size, debur the inside and outside, mark the socket insertion depth on the pipe, push the pipe into the socket of the fitting, then press the joint and connecting pipe using the pressing tool. Immediately, the most time-consuming process of traditional methods is removed, whether it be threading, soldering or welding. The press tool is supplied as a kit with each one matching exactly the geometry of the tube being serviced up to a maximum pipe diameter of over 100mm.

One possible disadvantage with the technique is overlooking a press connection. Using the Geberit Mapress system, however, this issue is addressed. Geberit has developed ‘leak-when-not-pressed technology’, with a patented ‘O’ designed to let liquid past on test when not pressed. Simply isolate the water supply, press the connection and the joint is made; no need to drain down. However later developments saw Geberit add a thin plastic coloured strip against the joint ring of each fitting which is destroyed once pressed. This way any joint with this indicator still intact cannot have been pressed.

The extensive range of pipes and fittings make it ideal for a range of applications including hot and cold water, heating, chilled water, oil based products, solar systems, compressed air and gases, as well as many other industrial applications. Sizes range from 12mm to 108mm offering a 16 bar working pressure. The standard seal ring working temperatures are -20°C to 120°C.

Stainless Steel PressFit pipework can be used in a range of applications here are a few:


Stainless steel is the only metallic substance that can be used with drinking water. With a high resistance to erosion corrosion particularly where there is high sedimentation Stainless Steel tubing has been the perfect choice. Where hygiene is of particular importance such as clean rooms and hospitals Stainless steel PressFit systems are well received. Conversely where the inside environment is corrosive, metal treatment plants and steel works as an example stainless steel pipework can usually be installed without extra external protection.

Mineral Oil Products & Chemicals

Pressfit stainless steel systems are particularly useful to convey industrial lubricants, diesel oils, engine oils and heating fuel. It’s important to use the correct type of ‘o’ ring seal otherwise the nature of the carrier fluid damage at the seal and sooner or later there will be a leak. Our own experience tells us that Viton rubber seals are pretty much indestructible in these applications but due diligence should be done to ensure the correct seal is used.

Sprinkler Systems

Mapress Pressfit pipework is an ideal solution for fire extinguisher systems. Ease of installation, speed and corrosion resistance , particularly in marine environments makes PressFit fittings the right choice.

Gaseous Fuels

Stainless Steel Pressfit has proved successful in the transportation of both natural gas and liquid gas. In the event of fire it’s resistance to corrosion and it’s ability to withstand temperatures of 650 °C for short periods makes it ideal. When passing through corrosive environments no surface protection unless the atmosphere is heavy in chloride. Compressed Air A perfect application for PressFit systems up to 16bar. Only caveat is to ensure the right ‘o’ ring seal is used as compressed oil will contain a small presence of oil from the lubricators.

Solar Panels

Circulating pipework will contain an antifreeze solution usually a mixture of glycol and water. Stainless steel Mapress is a good choice particularly as the pipework will be open to the atmosphere meaning that surface corrosion or protection will not be an issue.


Whether new build or refurbish Pressfit stainless steel systems will provide extended life to the installation giving years of trouble free service. Involving no hot work it is a safe method of installation as we see more wooden structures being erected with internal fabricated walls before adding the outer cladding.